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Corporate gifts are notable tools for expressing gratitude, nurturing business relationships, and commemorating achievements and milestones. These thoughtful tokens help form strong bonds and meaningful connections with clients, loyal customers, and potential prospects.

Welcome to EventGiftSet, your ultimate destination for wholesale corporate gifts and eye-catching promotional business gifts. Proudly positioned as your premier corporate gift supplier in China, we offer a wide array of meticulously crafted, personalized products and bulk corporate gifts sourced directly from China, tailored to meet your business's unique requirements.

As a trusted corporate gift supplier from China, we present you with a wide array of products designed to meet the needs of every industry. Our comprehensive services include curating, branding, packaging, and seamlessly delivering your corporate gift boxes to as many recipients as your heart desires, regardless of their location, all while you sit back and relax.

Explore our wide range of wholesale corporate Event Gifts Set to discover the perfect solution that aligns seamlessly with your budget and objectives. EventGiftSet – where thoughtful corporate gifting meets unparalleled convenience.


Our Process



Send us your design & requirements via email. Our experts will create mockups for review & approval.



Once we settle on a design you love, we'll send over a format PDF proposal with all of the details, including



Our team will pack each gift with care for shipping, either to your office or direct to individual recipients. Well

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Thousands of Personalized Gifts Set

Customization & Packaging Packaging Options

Customization & Packaging

EventGiftSet's range of corporate event gifts from China has something exciting for you. You can now stop giving thoughtful corporate gifts in standard, boring packaging. We have a high-quality premier design and luxury packaging for corporate gifts in all materials, from wood to carton board to metals and plastics.

  • BOXES - If you prefer to keep things simple, and fit everything perfectly.
  • BASKETS & TRAYS - If you're putting together a hamper to fit a wide range of items, & want it neatly organized and wrapped.
  • PAPER BAGS - If you want to add luster and make your personalized gifts appealing, eco-friendly, & re-usable.

You can create custom printed unique corporate gifts packaging exactly how you want it. You can share your details, and within minutes, you'll have wholesale corporate gifts from China imprinted, embossed, or screen printed with your designs & logos. Big, small, square, rectangle, deep, shallow, black, white, red or blue, we have the ideal packaging & customization kind for whatever occasion you need.

Location & Pricing Direct factory price

Location & Pricing

As a trusted Corporate Gift Supplier from China, we understand that you must find the right corporate gifts that suit every occasion. Headquartered in China, we offer all the products at direct factory prices without any extra costs.

  • SAVE MONEY WITH US - We are here to help you save money on every purchase. We offer the best quality wholesale corporate gifts from China without any unnecessary costs or hassles.
  • No MIDDLEMEN COSTS - Our direct factory price supplier route means that there are no hidden fees, no vendor fees, nor any middlemen charges - just great savings for all involved.
  • PRODUCT SATISFACTION - We want every customer who shops with us today or in future periods to feel satisfied with their set of wholesale corporate gifts.
  • MONEY BACK SECURITY - Our money-back guarantee shows our faith in the products, and if you don't like them, we'll return your money.

We are confident that you'll be satisfied with your purchase. That's why we offer the best prices on high-quality items, so if there is any sort of deviation, we are sure to fix it for the best!

Warehouse & Global Fulfllment Warehouse & Global Fulfllment

Warehouse & Global Fulfllment

From our strategically located network of storage facilities, we handle your end-to-end warehousing and distribution operations, ensuring that your customers' needs are met. You gain speed, control, and visibility when you work with us because we provide a seamless end-to-end solution.

  • GLOBAL REACH - As a reliable corporate gift supplier from China, we ship to every part of the world and employ various delivery methods to get to different locations.
  • NO COST DELIVERY - You will not be charged anything at the time of delivery because all shipping and delivery customs expenses will be paid from China.
  • FREE WAREHOUSING - We also provide free products storage for your purchases. We can keep your belongings at one of our massive storage facilities in China for free.
  • TRACK YOUR SHIPMENT - We can certainly help you disperse your shipment in different amounts to other countries based on your specific needs. We give out email updates regarding shipments regularly, and you can easily track your shipment's progress as it proceeds.

Depending on the size and weight of your purchases, we provide a variety of delivery alternatives for your convenience. We will work with you to achieve a satisfying result, including product quality and timely delivery date.

Thousands Of Gift Options Thousands Of Gift Options


A combination of different items packed beautifully in a box or bag is something that will make a unique executive gift. Be it an event promotional giveaway or an employee welcome kit, corporate event gifts from China fit every occasion and are liked by one and all. We are a reliable corporate gift Supplier from China who is committed to helping you with product selections, decoration methods, design, and packaging to ensure your event is successful!

  • PICK THE RIGHT KIND - Choose items that complement your company values, the occasion, and the purpose.
  • WIDE RANGE - Our product catalog includes a wide variety of wholesale corporate Gifts from China, from cool tech items & sustainable/eco-friendly products to brand-name items, & many more.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR SET - You have a lot of options to pick from, and we have products in plenty. You may select your products and have them made as a gift set, a hamper, or one-of-a-kind unique corporate gift baskets.

You can rely on us to bring any product to life while upholding the highest standards of thoughtful, adaptive design. Show your appreciation towards your workforce and consumers. Give them a quality gift set today!

Bulk Corporate Gifts Wholesale From China

At EventGiftSet Worldwide, we have proudly established ourselves as a leading corporate gift supplier from China. As a distinguished purveyor of corporate gifts, we take immense pride in uniting enterprises worldwide with high-caliber promotional merchandise and corporate gift assortments. Situated in China, our objective is to bridge the chasm between us and the numerous enterprises in search of exceptional promotional wares for their brands, gatherings, and marketing endeavors.

Bulk Corporate Gifts

Unrivaled Excellence and Value

We believe in delivering high-quality & creative corporate gifts wholesale, and this is what sets us apart from our peers. Our team offers superlative products at factory-direct pricing, and we make sure that our clients not only acquire top-tier wholesale corporate gifts but also enjoy good profit margins.

Whether your need extends to exquisite executive offerings, personalized promotional artifacts, or distinctive corporate event gifts, we have your requirements comprehensively covered. Our extensive spectrum of high-quality corporate gifts is meticulously crafted to impress, and we are fully confident that you will encounter the ideal fit for your specific needs within our array.

Prompt and Efficient Dispatch

In the process of offering corporate gifts wholesale, on-time dispatch and prompt delivery play a pivotal role. Our team offers express deliveries to meet your requirements at times of urgency. Hence, we go above and beyond to ensure that corporate event gifts reach your destination as expeditiously as possible. Whether you are in need of last-minute arrangements or a marketing campaign with an inflexible deadline, our team can provide you with on-time deliveries without any compromise on quality.

Corporate Gift Supplier
Corporate Gifts Wholesale

Excellence in Brand Impressions

As a reputed business gifts supplier, your brand image means a lot to us, and we take great pride in enhancing your brand persona through our customized imprints. Our team offers corporate gifts in bulk that are customized with meaningful logos, catchy messages, and clipart. Our attention to detail, precision, and diligence reinforce your brand's identity and leave a powerful impression on your recipients.

Dedicated Client Assistance

Being a trusted corporate gift supplier from China, we treasure each and every one of our clients. We understand that your requirements are unique, and our dedicated customer support squad is at your service around the clock to furnish you with tailored aid. Whether you have inquiries, necessitate product recommendations, or seek guidance on customization possibilities, our team is here to cater to your needs. Your satisfaction stands as our highest priority, and we will go the extra mile not only to meet but surpass your expectations.

Corporate Event Gifts
Corporate Gift Set China

Tailor-Made Gift Solutions

A one-size-fits-all approach is not applicable, and we comprehend that your demand for corporate event gifts may vary. If you cannot locate precisely what you seek within our extensive assemblage, fret not! We are a leading business gifts supplier in the market that is well-equipped to source and personalize products, aligning seamlessly with your vision. Simply communicate your prerequisites, and we will labor diligently to discover or craft the perfect corporate gift solution meticulously tailored to your brand.

Corporate Gift Set China

Revealing the Realm of Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting transcends the boundaries of mere business practice; it stands as a potent instrument for cultivating and nurturing relationships. Whether your aim is to acknowledge your diligent employees, make a lasting impression on prospective clients, or demonstrate gratitude to devoted customers, EventGiftSet has an impeccable array of wholesale corporate gifts.

  • Gifts for Employee Acknowledgment - Recognize the dedication and commitment of your workforce with an assortment of recognition gifts & corporate event gifts designed to motivate and inspire.
  • Gifts for Client Appreciation - Bolster your client relationships with thoughtful, branded offerings that convey your appreciation and reinforce your business partnership.
  • Gifts for Event Giveaways - Elevate the memorability of your corporate events, trade exhibitions, and conferences with attention-grabbing promotional merchandise that leaves an enduring mark.
  • Customized Merchandise - Elevate your brand identity with bulk corporate gifts custom-made to match your brand persona and mission. Our bespoke promo items are personalized to cater just to you.
  • Eco-Conscious Options - As an eco-friendly corporate gift supplier in China, we make a conscientious statement with our range of environmentally friendly corporate gifts.
  • Technological Gadgets - Stay ahead in the technology-driven world with a vast selection of innovative tech devices and accessories that serve as exceptional corporate gifts.
  • Luxurious Offerings - For those exceptional occasions when you seek to go the extra mile, our assortment of premium, opulent gifts will convey the depth of your appreciation.

Global Outreach, Local Sensibility

With EventGiftSet Worldwide, you benefit from a global reach while enjoying the personalized touch of a local enterprise. We deliver corporate gifts wholesale across the globe, ensuring that our products conform to international benchmarks of excellence and quality. As a popular corporate gift supplier in China, we follow industry-leading practices and guarantee that all our promotional gifts are ethically sourced and manufactured. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging. Our team utilizes eco-friendly materials to reduce waste and support long-term ecological balance.

Frequently asked Questions

Acquiring wholesale corporate gifts from China with EventGiftSet contributes to developing any kind of business. Our platform can assist companies of any sort in expanding their operations, cultivating their positions in the market, and forging deeper connections with their respective customer bases via customizing and procuring various kinds of corporate event gifts from China.

Corporate gifting is the act of giving something of value to clients, employees, or anyone else who works in the same space. The person who gets it sees it as a sign of thanks, appreciation, and value. There used to be a time when the best employees were only interested in money. Company culture is now much higher on their list of things to look for in a job. Gifting has the same positive effect on employees as it does on clients. If you give your employees unique corporate event gifts from China that are relevant, useful, and wanted, you have a long way to go to get to that ideal culture. It affects how well they do their jobs and, in the end, how happy your client is with the product or service.

Giving gifts to friends and family lifts our spirits and makes us feel good about doing something kind and thoughtful for someone else. Offering wholesale corporate gifts from China at work can help your business in many ways. Giving gifts to team members can help employers and employees get to know each other better, and giving gifts to clients will make you stand out. Both employees and clients will feel more loyal if the company gives them gifts. Businesses often procure bulk corporate gifts from China to distribute among their office employees.

Corporate gift boxes are great because they make both the giver and the receiver happy. They get people to work harder and boost morale. They are one of the best ways to show your clients and employees how much you appreciate their trust and support of your brand. These corporate event gifts from China improve goodwill and reputation, and they also make relationships with customers better. Corporate enterprises procure these whole giftsets from reliable corporate gift supplier from China to get quality products at reasonable prices.
Personalized Executive and Corporate Gifts Set


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